CUHS Dormitory


Contact Information:


Dormitory Phone Number:  541-493-2641

Patron:  Jim Kelley: 541-493-2641, ext. 240

Matron:  Gwen Haigh: 541-493-2641, ext. 234

Dorm Notice, August 31, 2016: Thursday September 1st the dorm will be open for football and volleyball players going to Dufur. For all other students the dorm will close at 4:00 pm.

Dorm Information:

Crane Union High School is home to one of the few remaining public boarding schools in the Nation.  Students come from across over 10,000 square miles of Harney County, some from Malheur County as well, to attend high school here.  Some students travel as far as 150 miles one way to attend.  Students living 20 or more miles away from the school may choose to stay in the dormitory rather than commute on a daily basis.  The dorm opens Sunday evening for the week.  Most students arrive Sunday evening and head back home on Thursday unless they are involved in athletic events.  The dorm is open on Thursday and sometimes Friday evenings to those students involved in athletic events.


There are currently approximately 30 students living in the dormitory.  The top floor is the girls dorm, and the bottom floor is the boys dorm.  The have a matron and patron respectively who are responsible for overseeing what happens in the dorm.


Students who live in the dormitory have designated jobs each day.  In addition, Wednesday night of each week is "Wednesday Night Cleanup"  where all residents pitch in on specific tasks and work together to clean the entire facility.  Each resident is expected to participate in their daily and weekly chores as part of participating in this community.


As part of their Rural Voices series, Oregon Public Broadcasting created a piece called "Three Days at Crane" several years ago which provides some insight into the students and lifestyles in this extremely rural setting.  You can find "Three Days at Crane" on the OPB website.

P.O. Box 828
43277 Crane Venator Ln
Crane, Oregon 97732
PHONE: 541-493-2641
FAX: 541-493-2051

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