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Guidance Information

Graduation Requirements- - - Crane Union High School District

In order to graduate from high school in the district, a student must successfully complete 26 units of credit. The State of Oregon also requires all students to meet indentified graduation requirements.

A student in Crane Union High School is required to complete the following courses:


  • language arts (including the equivalent of one unit in written composition) (4 units);
  • mathematics (3 units); science (3 units);
  • social studies (including U.S. history, civics/citizenship education, geography/global studies and personal finance) (3units);
  • physical education (1 unit);
  • health education (1 unit);
  • applied arts/fine arts (1 unit);
  • speech (.5 units);
  • second language (1 unit);
  • career development (driver education, study skills, occupations) (1 unit); and
  • electives (7.5 units)

Most four-year colleges require 4 years of language arts, 3 years of high school math, 3 years of science (including 1 year of lab science), and 2 years of foreign language. If you are college bound, and that should include most of you, please plan your schedules with these college entrance requirements in mind. In addition, Algebra I is required for all incoming 9th graders (unless they can challenge the class, test out, and advance to a higher level of math.) Your three units of high school math credit must begin with Algebra I.

Teacher assistant periods will be limited to one (1) per student per academic year, and PE is limited to one (1) class per semester. Additionally, students must:

  • Develop an education plan and build an education profile;
  • Build a collection of evidence, or include evidence in existing collections, to demonstrate extended application as defined in OAR 581-022-1130 (5);
  • Participate in career-related learning experiences as outlined in the student’s education plan.
  • Must be enrolled in a class each period.

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