All High School Boys and Girls State Liaisons:




The 73rd annual session of Oregon Boys and Girls State will be held at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon from June 16 through June 22, 2013.




All eligible boys and girls are encouraged to apply.  The local American Legion Post and American Legion Auxiliary Unit will make the delegate selections.




Eligibility requirements:


-          Be a resident of the state of Oregon.


-          Respect and be willing to salute the American Flag.


-          Have completed their junior year in high school; or, if home schooled, be at least 15 years of age and have completed the 11th grade year.




Responsibilities of school personnel:


-          Announce when and where Boys & Girls State applications may be obtained.


-          Distribute applications to all interested students – make additional copies as needed.


-          Designate location for collection of completed applications.


-          Have completed applications available to be picked up by Monday, March 18, 2013.  (Students must make sure to have parents’ signatures, their signatures, phone numbers, and insurance information on the forms; and the school’s approval stamp.) 




For more details:


Girls can visit  and need to visit the website and complete the online form to apply.


Boys can visit and www.orlegion.orgBoys can complete this PDF Form and submit it to the specified address.


Both can visit




Charlie and Linda Schmidt would like to be able to come to the schools on Thursday, March 7 to do a Presentation on Boys and Girls State with interested students; or on a date and time that is convenient for the schools.    Thank you for your support! 




American Legion Post #63                                          American Legion Auxiliary Unit #63                  

Boys State Chairman                                                           Girls State Chairman


Charlie Schmidt                                                                    Linda Schmidt                                           

Phone: 541-573-3130          Cell:  541-589-0603


P.O. Box 828
43277 Crane Venator Ln
Crane, Oregon 97732
PHONE: 541-493-2641
FAX: 541-493-2051

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