C Day
C Day Activities

This committee awards scholarships annually to university and community college students to assist them in completing degree programs in fields of study relevant to future work in the drinking water profession. The committee works closely with the Education and Training Endowment Fund Board of Directors to implement the Section’s scholarship program.

The committee’s responsibilities include developing scholarship award criteria, disseminating applications to Northwest educational institutions, nominating student applicants for scholarship awards, and presenting awards to recipients at the PNWS Annual Conference.


The Section currently offers twelve named scholarships, listed below. Scholarship amounts vary by year based on Education and Training Endowment Fund performance and budget decisions by the Section Board.

  • Archie Rice Memorial
  • Cynthia Driscoll Memorial
  • Legacy Memorial
  • Pettie/Stiles Memorial
  • Alan Jones Memorial
  • Jim Doane Family
  • Bob Wubbena Family
  • Past Chairs
  • Southern Oregon Subsection
  • NW Washington Subsection
  • RH2 Engineering
  • Al Alsing Memorial

In addition, The Section receives generous support from Ameron International and Kelman Publishing for additional scholarships. In 2015, the Section provided a total of $24,500 in scholarship funds to nine students.

To Apply, visit the PNWS-AWWA website by following this link.