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Oregon Farm Bureau Associate Member Scholarship

Apply for this scholarship as part of the OSAC scholarship application.


  • Eligible non-farming/non-ranching associate member of Oregon Farm Bureau and their dependents
  • Associate membership must be current and have had membership for six or more months
  • Associate members must be insured by Country Financial
  • Colleges: Public and nonprofit only
  • FAFSA: Not required - not based on financial need
  • Apply-compete annually
  • Restriction: Oregon Farm Bureau and Country Financial employees and their dependents are not eligible
  • Restriction: Voting members of Oregon Farm Bureau and their dependents are not eligible. Farming and ranching voting members can apply for the Oregon Farm Bureau Memorial Scholarship (#796)

Documents & Additional Requirements

  • Essay: Upload a HANDWRITTEN essay responding to the subject: "Why is family agriculture an important part of Oregon's future?" Do not exceed 500 words
  • Membership Information: Please provide the (1) Name of the Oregon Farm Bureau Associate Member, (2) membership number, and (3) relationship to the associate member