Teacher:  Mr. Driskell


Contact Information:


  • Mr. Driskell
    • 541-493-2641 ext. 229
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  • Grades 11-12
  • Length of Course:  1 year
  • Prerequisites:  Be in or taking Algebra II
  • Instructor:  Mr. Driskell


This course will cover topics in measurement and motion, motion and force in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions, energy and momentum, waves and sound, light and optics, electricity and magnetism, matter and energy, and tomic theory.  Many of these topics were covered only very lightly or not at all in Physical Science.  The treatment of these topics in the Physics class will be much more detailed and analytical.  where there was very little mathematics in Physical Science, there will be very concentrated mathematical use and development in Physics.  How to do college level physics write ups for labs and physical problems will also be a basic element.  Come on down!  Let's throw things, launch things, blow some things up, make huge sounds, and get crazy with science.

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