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Teacher:  Mr. Jacobs

Contact Information:

  • 541-493-2641

Course Introduction: Weight Training is an elective course. It is not required for high school graduation. This course will utilize the Bigger, Faster, Stronger strength and conditioning program to meet various Oregon physical education standards. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to maximize performance, while minimizing the risk of injury. Through journals and recordkeeping, students will track their improvement over the duration of this course to meet appropriate physical fitness goals.

  1. Demonstrate competency in basic and complex versions of strength training and conditioning.
  2. Assess and analyze personal fitness status and develop personal fitness goals.
  3. Use goal-setting techniques to improve personal fitness levels and potential.
  4. Correctly interpret results of physical fitness assessments and use them to develop a written fitness program.
  5. Apply rules, procedures, and etiquette that are safe and effective for specific activities/situations.
  6. Understand appropriate and positive behavior management (social skills) and respect for all individual differences, including gender, ethnicity, and physical ability during physical activity.
  7. Understand and utilize personal behaviors that focus on attitude, effort, motivation, and character.