Biology 101/102


  • Grades 11-12
  • Length of Course: 1 year
  • Prerequisites:  Chemistry
  • Instructor:  Mrs. Robbins

Contact Information:

  • Mrs. Robbins
    • 541-493-2641 ext. 233
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is a college level course.  Students who successfully complete this class will receive college credit at Eastern Oregon University.  This class will do an in depth study related to organic chemistry, the cell, genetics, mechanisms of evolution, evolutionary history of biological diversity, plant and animal form and function, and ecology.  The expectation is that students will be studying/ reading OUTSIDE of class time.  Participation in short field study trips recommended.  This is considered a lab science course.


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P.O. Box 828
43277 Crane Venator Ln
Crane, Oregon 97732
PHONE: 541-493-2641
FAX: 541-493-2051

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